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The end.

26 February 2016

This blog has been discontinued.I've started a new project, a print/digital zine called Pounce!. You can subscribe to and read about that project here: http://zine.whitneyannetrettien.comThanks...

Layouts, Patterns, Networks

4 February 2014

The next phase in building my prototype digital edition of a Little Gidding Harmony has led me into document layout analysis and digitization processes. As I move from research to writing,...

Towards a Prototype of a Digital Harmony

19 November 2013

I've been working on a prototype of a digital facsimile "edition" of the earliest extant Little Gidding Harmony. (If you don't know what a Little Gidding Harmony is, see this FAQ I...

Explanatory Notes on Gaffe/Stutter

1 November 2013

Earlier this month, punctum books released my project Gaffe/Stutter on its Dead Letter Office imprint, edited by the inimitable Eileen Joy. Taking its name from the US Postal Service's...