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Old Bailey Voices: gender, speech and outcomes in the Old Bailey, part 1

16 December 2018

The Old Bailey Voices data is the result of work I’ve done for the Voices of Authority research theme for the Digital Panopticon project. This will be the first of a few blog...

Westminster Coroners Inquests 1760-1799, Part 1

23 June 2018

This will be a post in two parts about data relating to the series of Westminster Coroner’s Inquests on London Lives, which cover the period 1760-1799. … Posted at In...

MEAD Pauper Apprentices Philadelphia 1751-99

30 April 2018

This post takes a look at an open dataset available through the University of Pennsylvania’s open access repository. The dataset, Indentures and Apprentices made by Philadelphia...

Old Bailey Proceedings Part 1: Offences

17 April 2018

If you know me, the topic of this first post may come as unsurprising but also a bit eyebrow-raising. “Sharon, you’ve been working on the Old Bailey Online project (OBO)...