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Westminster Coroners Inquests 1760-1799, Part 1

23 June 2018

This will be a post in two parts about data relating to the series of Westminster Coroner’s Inquests on London Lives, which cover the period 1760-1799. … Posted at In...

MEAD Pauper Apprentices Philadelphia 1751-99

30 April 2018

This post takes a look at an open dataset available through the University of Pennsylvania’s open access repository. The dataset, Indentures and Apprentices made by Philadelphia...

Old Bailey Proceedings Part 1: Offences

17 April 2018

If you know me, the topic of this first post may come as unsurprising but also a bit eyebrow-raising. “Sharon, you’ve been working on the Old Bailey Online project (OBO)...

WHM18: Middlesex Vagrants in the 18th century

30 March 2018

My final data visualisation post for this Women’s History Month is back in the 18th century and takes a look at an open dataset, Vagrant Lives: 14,789 Vagrants Processed by the...