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Settlement and Removal: Poor Relief and Exclusion in 18th-century London

20 May 2017

From the Act for the Relief of the Poor of 1662, or so-called “Settlement Act” onwards, various pieces of 17th- and 18th- century legislation formally codified entitlement...

Women’s History Month 2017: Afterthoughts

31 March 2017

To wrap up this month, this post is just a few notes – half-formed thoughts, not ‘conclusions’ – on some recurring themes that struck me as I was writing and...

Women Petitioners: Belinda Sutton, an ex-slave in Massachusetts

29 March 2017

In February 1783, Belinda Sutton petitioned the Massachusetts General Court for a pension from the estate of Isaac Royall Jr, her late master. (In this petition she names herself simply...

Women Petitioners: London Servants

26 March 2017

I’m going to round off WHM2017 with a couple of posts indulging my current interests in petitions. Today I have two petitions from the London Lives Petitions Project: both are...