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B4-XVI beforesixteen

2 March 2015

I cannot do better than B4-XVI’s strapline to describe the best thing I’ve seen on Tumblr for a while: Highlighting an invisible conversation between hip hop and art before...


23 February 2015

A bit of a coup in recent weeks: I finally managed to view the original parish registers for Petersham chapel, where Henry Walker was curate from the 1660s until some point in the 1680s....

Week 2 – Petersham

3 February 2015

I’ve spent the scattered moments I’ve had for writing in the last week or so trying to make sense of what Henry Walker did during the 1660s. I am not sure I have really...

Week 1

20 January 2015

Four years ago I started writing a book: a biography of the seventeenth-century ironmonger, preacher, bookseller, pamphleteer and newsbook editor Henry Walker. I had done most of the...