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Embedr: new tool

8 December 2015

Just trying out a new tool, embedr. In this case, selecting a detail (one should always have dogs or horses in an image) from Cornelis Beelt's "Departure of Charles II, King of...

Early Modern (Tudor-Stuart) England (Britain) Syllabi (Revised)

29 July 2014

from Making of the UK 1500-1750 (BL) It has been a couple of years, since I revised the list of courses/universities adopting either Early Modern England and/or Sources and Debates...

Imag(in)ing a Printing Revolution

25 July 2014

Comedian Paul Foot finishes a stand-up riff on what the decline of the number of shire horses since the 18th-19th centuries means to us today (or doesn't), by asking for us to look...

Anne is Dead!: Anne Lives

18 June 2014

Queen Anne is Dead! Not a Smith's song, but an upcoming daylong conference on the end of the Stuart queen's reign and the beginning of a Hanoverian king's, appropriately enough on 1...