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Going for the burn – or the bounce

17 July 2015

We’re used to doctors extolling the benefits of exercise today, but that recognition is not a modern phenomenon. Among the six ‘non-naturals’ of humoural thinking...


14 July 2015

In the letters of Sir William Robinson (1655–1736), 1st Baronet of Newby [1], is the following set of riddles. I found it difficult to work out which person’s names they’re...

Almost there

13 July 2015

Well, it was a long journey – five years, five months, to be exact – but I got there in the end. My thesis was submitted at the end of June: ‘The role of domestic...

Gout gets even

23 March 2014

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s a link to my article in April’s History Today on gout and its resurgence: