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20 February 2018

* Welcome to Monowi, Nebraska: population 1 at BBC Travel* Ted Jackson, The Search for Jackie Wallace* Louis Roy, O.P., On Anscombe and Wittgenstein* A newly discovered draft of Descartes's...

Aquinas for Lent VI

20 February 2018

Just as human beings acquire the first thing that completes them, i.e., the soul, from the action of God, so they also acquire the last thing that completes them, that is complete human...

Superpossibles II

19 February 2018

I previously noted that there are cases in which we say that something is possible (or use another modality definable in terms of possibility) for which possible worlds semantics seems...

Aquinas for Lent V

19 February 2018

...because from the Church's precept all believers are bound to take the communion of the sacrament at least once a year, on the feast of Easter especially, therefore the Church decreed...