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Ada Lovelace Day - Mrs Margaret Bryan, Astronomer of Blackheath

15 October 2013

Mrs Margaret Bryan was born, it is thought, some time before 1760. She had two daughters, and was married to Mr Bryan. In her thirties, she opened a school for girls near Hyde Park...

A Brief Guide for Speakers New To Addressing Blind and Deaf Groups

24 September 2013

Recently I taught a week long course for blind students on London’s Georgian history and ordinary life during the period, including living life disabled. Whilst the majority of...

Independent: Book of a Lifetime

23 September 2013

I wrote this for the Independent this weekend, on my choice for a Book of a Lifetime. As a historian of eighteenth century London, it would be too predictable to choose Samuel Johnson’s...

Georgian London: Into the Streets

5 September 2013

Yes, it’s finally here. Georgian London: Into the Streets is now on the streets (via your preferred book purchasing method). Publication day blogging is a bit like arriving at an...