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Hereditary Theatrical Families Project: Anson & Emery

8 October 2019

Pollie Emery c. 1900 The aim of this project is to continue and expand the work of theatre historian John Malcolm Bulloch who, after many years of genealogical research compiled his...

Montpelier Tea Gardens, Cricket and Uncle George

1 June 2019

Walworth Road, 1779 courtesy of the Cuming Collection During the late 1780s, my 4xgreat uncle, George Aram settled in Newington, Surrey after having left the Norfolk coast for business...

The Death of Sarah Maria Adcock

22 April 2019

There has long been a debate concerning the date of death of the Goldfinch, aka Sarah Maria Adcock. Some researchers give the date and location as 1786 in Edinburgh and others suggest...

Official Book Release Waves To Light

15 September 2015

M.J. Holman and Queen of Spades return in this highly anticipated follow up to The Sea of Conscience called …   When tackling a complex issue such as depression, it is...