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ChatGPT, AI generation, and the ability to create

14 July 2023

 We are, it seems, freaking out over Artificial Intelligence at the moment. And perhaps rightly so.But not, I think, for the reasons that most educators are worried about. I want to...

What is it that I do anyway?

7 July 2023

 I'm pondering a lot lately. And I mean a lot.We've been implementing a new general education program and one of the conversations we've been having is about whether or not our course...

Creatively. January 15.

15 January 2023

The semester began with more of a bang than I had hoped (I had to pick up an extra class at the last minute, to cover for someone else). That means things have also been busier than...

Creatively. January 2.

3 January 2023

 I'm trying to keep track of the creative acts that I do every day.Yesterday, I followed a prompt from In the Moment: 365 Creative Ways to Connect with Your World by Jocelyn De Kwant;...