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Goodbye and thank you

21 August 2021

Dear all,As it's been four years since I last contributed to this blog, this might be a service preached over a filled-in grave, but I wanted to say that Confessions of a Ci-Devant...

Adrienne Dillard reviews a new biography of Charles I

1 November 2017

Leanda de Lisle's first book, After Elizabeth, was a fascinating account of the dying days of the Tudor dynasty and the subsequent transfer of power to the Scottish ruling house. Now,...

"Something Like Summer": Movie review

22 September 2017

In 2011, American author Jay Bell released the first novel in what subsequently became a self-published phenomenon, winning fans across the world. Something Like Summer, covering twelve...

My new book: a biography of Queen Catherine Howard

21 April 2017

As readers of this blog will know, for the last few years I have been working on a biography of Henry VIII's fifth wife, Queen Catherine Howard. I am so very happy that 2017 is the...