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The Diary of Samuel Pepys

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Friday 17 August 1666

18 August 2019

Up and betimes with Captain Erwin down by water to Woolwich, I walking alone from Greenwich thither, making an end of the “Adventures of Five Hours,” which when all is done...

Thurday 16 August 1666

17 August 2019

Up, having slept well, and after entering my journal, to the office, where all the morning, but of late Sir W. Coventry hath not come to us, he being discouraged from the little we...

Wednesday 15 August 1666

16 August 2019

Mighty sleepy; slept till past eight of the clock, and was called up by a letter from Sir W. Coventry, which, among other things, tells me how we have burned one hundred and sixty ships...

Tuesday 14 August 1666

15 August 2019

(Thanksgiving day.)1 Up, and comes Mr. Foley and his man, with a box of a great variety of carpenter’s and joyner’s tooles, which I had bespoke, to me, which please me mightily;...