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The Diary of Samuel Pepys

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Thursday 29 November 166

29 November 2023

In the morning seeing a great deal of foul water come into my parlour from under the partition between me and Mr. Davis, I did step thither to him and tell him of it, and he did seem...

Wednesday 28 November 166

28 November 2023

This morning went to Whitehall to my Lord’s, where Major Hart did pay me; 23l. 14s. 9d., due to me upon my pay in my Lord’s troop at the time of our disbanding, which is a great...

Tuesday 27 November 166

27 November 2023

To Whitehall, where I found my Lord gone abroad to the Wardrobe, whither he do now go every other morning, and do seem to resolve to understand and look after the business himself.From...

Monday 26 November 166

26 November 2023

(Office day). To it all the morning, and dined at home where my father come and dined with me, who seems to take much pleasure to have a son that is neat in his house. I being now...