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We’ve Got Boswellian Mail!

7 June 2012

I wrote last Friday’s You’ve Got Mail piece for the Houghton Blog on a major new acquisition–a lengthy 1775 letter from Boswell to his brother David. We acquired a...

A Grand, if worse for wear, Repository

10 March 2012

As part of an effort to increase our holdings of English lexicography and linguistics, we recently acquired a very rare work: Thomas Spence‘s The Grand Repository of the English...

Johnson After Three Centuries

19 December 2011

If you attended the symposium held at Houghton in celebration of Samuel Johnson’s 300th birthday (or wished you could have) you’ll be interested to hear that a volume of...

His Majesty’s Office Supplies

25 August 2011

The firm run by three successive generations of Jacob Tonsons is best remembered today as one of the most important literary publishers in London in the late 17th and early 18th centuries....