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Dangerous Women

8 March 2017

Last month, I wrote an article for the Dangerous Women Project. The project asked what it means to be a “dangerous woman” (partly in response to such an accusation aimed...


25 July 2013

I was in Florence on the anniversary of Savonarola’s execution. On 23 May 1498 the Dominican friar and two of his fellow monks, Fra Domenico and Fra Silvestro Maruffi, were hanged...

Time Flies

23 July 2013

People tell you when you start a Master’s that it will be a very busy year. You smile and nod. Yes, yes. You don’t really believe them. Sure there’s work to be done but it’s...

Some things you may not know about Anne of Cleves

21 November 2012

The last decade or so has seen some very challenging re-examinations and reinterpretations of some of the wives of Henry VIII, most notably Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard. However,...