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7 January 2010

Face to face with the past at the Guild Chapel This post features the Guild Chapel in Stratford, one of many fine old buildings in the town. It is situated next door to Shakespeare’s...


31 December 2009

The Garrick ( Jeff Land on Flickr : Click image) It was the day after Boxing Day, the sales were on and Town centres were stuffed with shoppers. Desperate to get out and about whilst...

Happy Christmas from Tudor Stuff

18 December 2009

Bridleway in Snow Revisited : Roantrum on Flickr (Click image) Just a quick post to say Happy Christmas to everyone who has ever looked at Tudor Stuff. This blog is now very nearly...

Nicholas Owen – Master hidebuilder

13 December 2009

Nicholas Owen at work (adapted from an original drawing by Ian Fletcher) This blog has covered various aspects of Catholic persecution during the Elizabethan and early Stuart period....