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From Green to Blue: how my personality changed

4 November 2022

A recent personality test for work has made me think hard about what I've become and how much I've changed in the past decade. (Spoiler - quite a lot!) … More From Green to Blue:...

Review of Alphaville, Eternally Yours (2022)

30 September 2022

Synth-pop veterans Alphaville begin their 40th anniversary celebrations with a new album of symphonic recordings with the Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg. … More Review of Alphaville,...

Continuity and change

8 October 2021

A few thoughts about 'career-hopping' as I begin my fifth role in a decade. … More Continuity and change

Will broken links harm academic research?

16 July 2021

Links to academic publications and citations are breaking at increasing speed. Can anything be done about it? … More Will broken links harm academic research?