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The digital architect: student finance at Greenwich

10 February 2019

I’ve just completed a project to revamp the student finance section on the University of Greenwich website. Here’s how it happened. … More The digital architect:...

Christopher Hill, Andrew Marvell, and the Dissenting Tradition

6 November 2018

I owe much of my interest in the seventeenth century to the late historian, Christopher Hill (1912-2003). I went to see Justin Champion deliver an impassioned defence of Hill and his...

Tomorrow’s End

20 October 2018

How an Australian teen sci-fi drama series from the early 1990s shows remarkable parallels with the current Brexit debacle. … More Tomorrow’s End

The Politics of Envy

12 September 2018

Why do we always seem to be drawn to what we don’t have? The stumbling block of how to pursue academic publications without fear of rejection. … More The Politics of Envy