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Timber! Beautiful 16th – 17th Buildings in Cheshire Pt 1

25 April 2016

I am lucky to live in a part of the UK that has an abundance of beautiful early modern buildings, in particular the timber framed ‘tudor style’ buildings, whether original...

Early Modern Alphabet: L

8 April 2016

I haven't blogged in ages because I've been busy, but I'd like to start doing a few posts again so I thought I'd start with something easy :) I did have a grand idea (once upon a time)...

Ideas Roadshow Interview with J. H. Elliott

5 July 2013

I've been contacted recently by the people at the multimedia magazine Ideas Roadshow as their June issue features an interview with early modern historian Sir John Huxtable...

Charles II dishes at Birmingham Museum

30 January 2013

I just wanted to share these beautiful commemorative dishes I discovered on a recent visit to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, England. These tin-glazed earthenware (or delftware)...