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Female Academics in the Eighteenth Century

27 July 2018

I was alerted on Twitter that yesterday was the anniversary of the death of Elena Cornaro Piscopia - which is as fun a name to spell as it it is to pronounce, but alas, many are still...

British and French Print Media's and the Death of Marat

13 July 2018

On this day in 1793 a young French woman named Charlotte Corday sought a meeting with the prominent French revolutionary, Jean-Paul Marat, promising information on an future uprising. ...

The Devonshire Children's Portraits

11 September 2017

Henry Howard, Harriet Cavendish, 1798 Henry Howard was a well-known portraitist and history painter in the late- eighteenth and early- nineteenth centuries, who unfortunately doesn't...

New Video Detailing the Ritual of Dressing

28 August 2017

The Lady Lever Gallery in Liverpool has produced a video detailing how well-to-do women dressed in the eighteenth century.  The seven-minute long video leaves no one pondering...