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How to Fit 18th Century Shoe Buckles

21 May 2018

You've just got yourself a fine new pair of American Duchess 18th century shoes and you ordered some sparkly 18th century shoe buckles to go with them. Now what?Fitting shoe buckles...

An 1880s Bodice Plastron - Refit

17 May 2018

Me and Abby in our bustle gowns - totally different styles but we actually used the same pattern for the apron.Do you ever pop into your Costume Closet to decide what to wear for an...

I'm Going "Durrells" For the Summer

11 May 2018

Or forever.Fans Addicts of British television will be familiar with the wonderful series "The Durrells" (or "The Durrells in Corfu" if you're here in the US where for some reason we...

What Are Those Knobbles on 1790s Stays?

7 May 2018

From "Corsets and Crinolines" by Norah Waugh - see those nobbles? What are those nobbles for? Read on... Have you ever wondered about those weird round knobbles and pads on late...