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What I have been up to

21 April 2018

I haven’t updated here for a year and a half. The truth is I got rather burnt out on writing. I’ve been blogging about my sewing since 2014, starting on LJ and eventually...

OMG, OMG, OMG, squee!

22 November 2016

Today I received this: A friend in Czechia told me about it earlier this year, and with her help got into contact with the university who had it published. You can’t buy it,...

Late 17th/early 18th century mantilla

31 August 2016

What the item is: A stole, or mantilla. There are two extant examples of this kind of garment in Scandinavia One in Denmark and one in Sweden. Both are made of black silk gauze and...

HSF 2016 Travels: Wool gown, 1680-171

25 July 2016

I have finished a gown! And for once it also fitted into The Historical Sew Monthly! The Challenge: Travels. The pattern for this gown came to my attention thanks to a friend in...