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A review of Wearing History's Smooth Sailing 1930s Sport Togs- Blouse & Trousers Pattern

28 October 2020

Wearing History recently expanded the sizes of her Smooth Sailing 1930s Sport Togs- Blouse & Trousers Pattern. The original pattern package has bust sizes 30-40, and now there’s...

Middle-class women in Sweden during the 17th century

30 November 2019

This is a reference post for a future project, put here for easy access when the future comes. I have, thanks to several interested relatives, a rather good knowledge of my own...

The finished closed-front robe à la française

1 October 2019

I only now realised I never posted pictures of my closed-front robe à la française. Well, it was finished (sort-of) and worn at the ball in June, and I had an absolute...

1913 and 176

1 December 2018

It’s been a bit of the quiet sewing wise this autumn. I’m hand sewing an early 16th century shift; it’s sewn together, had the seams felled and it’s hemmed....