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Tailoring Books

18 August 2016

A growing list of free books on the internet dealing with tailoring, drafting, and dressmaking.The Taylor's Instructor, 1809. Figures for men's garments and a ladies habit.Rules and...

Finished Suits

18 April 2016

I launched myself back into tailoring women's garments last Spring with this 1914 suit. I based the design on a few photographs of women at Longchamps or in Paris. (I'd love to have...

Finished Suits I

15 March 2016

Taking a break this week from instruction so I can catch up and get pictures of a few detail options like pockets and buttonholes. Instead, I figured I'd show you some of the finished...

Collars & Lapels

7 March 2016

This will be a walk-through of a very basic construction for the collar and lapels. There are so many different ways to adjust this, particularly around the shoulder area. As I continue...