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A Lady’s “Tea” Party, 21st century Style

18 February 2019

Dear Readers, Today I revisited a post I published in 2008 about tea and alcoholic beverages that led up to the regency era: Tea became fashionable after 1662 when King Charles II’s...

Love, Courtship, and Marriage in the Regency Era

14 February 2019

Inquiring readers, Today is Valentine’s day, a perfect time to revisit some of Jane Austen’s most romantic and memorable quotes. I can listen no longer in silence. I must...

Lyme Regis: A Retrospect

11 February 2019

1927 digitized book of Lyme Regis with illustrations

Chamomile Tea: A tisane to soothe the vapors and bouts of indigestion

25 January 2019

I’ve just discovered the beneficial qualities of chamomile tea. This was quite by accident. I suspect I might be developing an allergy to food, specifically tomatoes or onions...