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Jane Austen’s Rich(er) Leigh Family Connections at Adlestrop and Stoneleigh Abbey

26 November 2023

The stories of Jane Austen's Leigh family relatives may have influenced her novels.

Thanksgiving’s relation to British Christmas food

22 November 2023

This week the United States celebrates Thanksgiving, a holiday in honor of families and friendship. For the most part, we lay aside our differences and grievances, and give thanks to...

Book Review: Jane Austen’s Wardrobe by Hilary Davidson

14 November 2023

Dear readers, I have an exquisite new book to share with you today: Jane Austen’s Wardrobe by Hilary Davidson! Filled with incredible photos and written information, it’s one of...

Moving in Jane Austen’s Day

31 October 2023

Inquiring readers, I recently moved and, like Jane, left a home I loved. When I purchased my current slice of paradise, I found my perfect place. In addition, my new neighborhood suits...