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Declaring All Men & Women in Spanish Americas Catholic - Alexander IV Papal Bull 1493

7 February 2023

The Papal bull Inter Caetera Alexander VI May 4 1493Alexander VI Alexander, bishop, servant of the servants of God, to the illustrious sovereigns, our very dear son in Christ, Ferdinand,...

The Role of Women in Colonizing The Americas - Privileges & Prerogatives for Columbus April 30 149

7 February 2023

Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile married in 1469 and ten years later became joint sovereigns of a confederation of kingdoms that laid the basis for modern Spain.Privileges...

17C Hanging a Few of those Evil Female Witches of New England

12 January 2020

 In 1692, a group of young girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts were accused of witchcraft, & 20 were eventually executed as witches; but contrary to popular belief, none...

Pilgrim Mary Brewster (c1569-1627) arrived on The Mayflower

10 January 2020

Mary Brewster (c 1569-1627) was a Pilgrim & one of the women on the Mayflower.  She was the wife of Elder William Brewster.Mary Brewster & her husband William married in...