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17th-century American Women

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16C Europeans Imagine American Women

10 June 2019

Amerika, anonymous, after Marcus Geeraerts, 1547 - 1612 Engraved by Phillip (Filips) Galle,  Philips Galle, 1547 - 1612 from the Virtuelle Kupferstichkabinett.

1611 Law on Gardens in Virginia's "Lawes Divine, Morall and Martiall"

9 May 2019

Woodcut of man at work in garden by Hans WeidigThe Virginia Company (in Virginia 1607-1624) asked Sir Thomas Gates (1585-1621) to impose a strict set of regulations on the colony. Gates,...

Reports of Native Americans Influencing Fashion in 17C Europe

17 April 2019

Jan Boeckhorst (Flemish, c1604-1668) c 1630 Portrait of Helena Fourment, 2nd wife of the artist Peter Paul Rubens at Royal Museum of Fine Arts AntwerpThomas Lechford (c 1590-1644) was...

1648 The Cambridge Platform - Government by the People (Well, by the Men)

1 January 2019

The “Agreement between the Settlers at New Plymouth” (the Mayflower Compact), November 11, 1620, is the oldest political covenant in the New World. It is considered a covenant...