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Boston 1775

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“In Bedlam’s lofty Numbers discordant Yankies Sing”

20 February 2018

On the back of the sheet of paper giving the earliest lyrics of “The New Massachusetts Liberty Song,” which I believe is at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, someone...

Are You Ready for a Cabinet Meeting?

19 February 2018

For Presidents Day, we look in on George Washington’s meetings with his cabinet on 1-2 Aug 1793.The issue on the table was what to do about Edmond-Charles Genet, the French diplomat...

Was Bentham on the Autism Spectrum?

18 February 2018

Last year I relayed the news that British philosopher and social reformer Jeremy Bentham’s body was coming to America for a museum exhibit.To be exact, Bentham’s clothed...

“And shout, and shout, and shout, and shout, for brave AMERICA”

17 February 2018

This broadside shown on the website of the Library of Congress could be the first printing of the words to “The New Massachusetts Liberty Song.” (I think the original is...