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Boston 1775

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“The most infamous and reproachful Invectives”

18 January 2018

Talking about “The Liberty Song” and its parodies, all from the second half of 1768, gets us a little ahead of the Sestercentennial. Here’s what happened in Boston...

The Parody, and the Parody Parodized

17 January 2018

“The Liberty Song” by John Dickinson and Arthur Lee (to music by William Boyce) became so popular in Boston after July 1768 that by the end of September two parodies were...

John Dickinson’s “Song, to the Tune of Heart of Oak”

16 January 2018

On 4 July 1768, John Dickinson, already a delegate to the Stamp Act Congress and the author of Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania, wrote to James Otis, Jr., from Philadelphia:I inclose...

“Hearts of oak are we still”

15 January 2018

In 1759 the British Empire enjoyed a string of military victories, including the Royal Navy’s triumph over the French in the Battle of Quiberon Bay.At the end of that year the...