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Boston 1775

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Who Wrote Isaac Freeman’s Petition?

25 June 2019

Yesterday I presented a petition sent to the Massachusetts General Court in late 1780 and printed in Massachusetts newspapers the following January. The petitioner, Isaac Freeman, presented...

Isaac Freeman’s Petition

24 June 2019

This item appeared in the 1 Jan 1781 Boston Gazette, issued by Benjamin Edes:Messrs. PRINTERS,Your publishing the following Copy of a Petition presented to the General Assembly in their...

Jacob Frost’s Compensation for “Capitivity”

23 June 2019

Back in 2017 I looked into a sketch titled “The Young Provincial” and published in The Token, for 1830.An edition of the collected works of Nathaniel Hawthorne (above right)...

Dr. Ezekiel Brown in the Concord Jail

22 June 2019

Yesterday we found Ezekiel Brown back in his native town of Concord. He had left as a boy, his poor family seeking better farmland, and returned as a young man with enough skills and...