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Making Clothing for the Army

22 May 2018

Another of Alex Burns’s recent postings on eighteenth-century soldiers at Kabinettskriege was on the impracticality of soldiers’ uniforms. To fill out that topic, I can...

Soldiers and the King’s Half-Penny

21 May 2018

Last month Alex Burns, currently doing doctoral work on the Seven Years’ War at West Virginia University, shared his research on how well—or how poorly—ordinary soldiers...

Call for Papers on “Women Waging War”

20 May 2018

The Sons of the American Revolution’s annual scholarly conference to be held on 14-16 June 2019 in Philadelphia will be on the topic of “Women Waging War in the American...

Trail Work at the North Bridge

19 May 2018

Minute Man National Historical Park has begun an “extensive rehabilitation” of the North Bridge Trail on the west side of the North Bridge in Concord.Sections of that trail...