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Free Black Men and Women in Maryland

31 January 2018

In Church. The Illustrated London NewsFrom the 17C on there was a growing free black population in Maryland. This population grew quickly in the antebellum years. African Americans...

Susanna Haswell Rowson (1762-1824) Best Selling Author, Actress, & Educator

22 January 2018

Susanna Haswell Rowson (1762-1824) Susanna Haswell Rowson (1762-1824) was a British-American novelist, poet, playwright, religious writer, stage actress, and educator. Rowson was...

From Virginia Aristocracy to Boarding House to Cookbook Author - Mary Randolph (1762-1828)

19 January 2018

Mary Randolph (1762-1828)Mary Randolph (1762-1828), early Southern cookbook author, was born in Virginia at either Tuckahoe, her father’s plantation in Goochland County, or Ampthill,...

Politics Became her Passion - Deborah Norris Logan (1761-1839)

16 January 2018

Detail of 1903 photograph of an 1830 painting of Quaker historian Deborah Norris Logan.Deborah Norris Logan (1761-1839), collector of historical records, was peculiarly fitted by inheritance...