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Avant-garde Vermeer

17 February 2017

Jonathan Jones at the Guardian writes on Vermeer in Ordinary Beauty –– on his art and how it was brought out of obscurity by the French avant-garde in the 19th century....

My Studio at the Rijksmuseum

3 January 2017

Whenever I have a moment to spare, I go to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and get to work. I roam the halls of the museum alone (yes, after hours!), and whenever I see a painting […]

Free Trade and the Golden Age

31 December 2016

The Golden Age, spectacular as it was, was based largely on the success of Dutch trade in the ‘Spice Islands’. However romantic that may sound, the spice trade actually...

Theme change in progress…

28 December 2016

Please be patient while I re-model this site! Filed under: Cartography, Golden Age