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Reading in a hospital bed

20 February 2018

Some of my readers might have noticed that this blog was unnaturally quite last week without my usually weekly blatherings on some arcane history of science topic. This was because...

The first English professor of mathematics

7 February 2018

From its origins the word professor refers to someone who professes to know something about a given subject. In the medieval universities undergraduates started their studies in the...

No he didn’t, no they didn’t and no it wasn’t.

31 January 2018

Sometime I just wonder why I bother. I sit in my little corner of the Internet trying to convince people to ditch the myths that they believe to be history of science and instead to...

The truth obscured

31 January 2018

In my previous post I wrote about on this day Internet posting and why I personally do it. At the end of my post I warned of bad factually false postings under this tag and as fate...