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An important 13th-century book on optics

13 February 2019

The thirteenth-century Silesian friar and mathematician Witelo is one of those shadowy figures in the history of science, whose influence was great but about whom we know very little....

The emergence of modern astronomy – a complex mosaic: Part III

6 February 2019

  Although I dealt with the special case of Vienna and the 1st Viennese School of Mathematics in the first post of this series, it is now time to turn to the general history...

The emergence of modern astronomy – a complex mosaic: Part II

30 January 2019

Before we progress we need to take stock and deal with a couple of points that came up in a comment to Part I. This series is about the factors that led to the emergence of heliocentricity...

Matthew Flinders and the naming of Australia

27 January 2019

The media, in particular the UK media, has gone into feeding frenzy mode about the discovery of the grave of the eighteenth century English seaman Matthew Flinders (1774–1814),...