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How to Actually Get Things DONE: Suggestions for the New Year

30 December 2017

Are you a getting-things-done systems junkie? I am, and I thought I had my personal system settled once and for all until I took a Tim Grahl course on being a productive writer....

How to Begin to Write a Book

16 December 2017

Every stage of writing a book is a challenge—the beginning, the middle, and the end—but I think figuring out how to begin to write a book might be the most difficult. I’m...

In Praise of Japan

30 November 2017

My husband and I took a long trip this fall, to Japan for three weeks. It was fantastic! We are culinary travelers, and Japan was a treat. I had spent two summers in Japan as a...

House of books & dreams

1 August 2017

Imagine a little house—or, rather, more properly, a two-story reading room—containing thousands of books. Imagine this house on the outskirts of Killaloe, a rural village...