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Life on the road — my mini tour full of surprises

7 June 2018

I’ve been on the road, first launching and promoting The Game of Hope in Toronto, then a long drive home to unpack, regroup, and repack before heading to Montreal for the wonderful...

A wonderful audible edition of The Game of Hope

21 May 2018

I’m writing this in Toronto, a long way from home. Tomorrow I have a full schedule of two interviews, a book store signing, and then, in the evening, a book launch of The Game...

To all the mothers in my life

13 May 2018

I’ll begin with my mother, Sharon Brezee Zentner, shown here with me and our daughter Carrie, who is now a mother herself. And then there is my grandmother May Brezee, who was...

The 7 best YA novels I’ve ever read (so far)

12 May 2018

The seven YA novels below are ones that gripped me in special ways … gripped me and wouldn’t let me go. They’ve stayed with me in significant ways. I highly recommend...