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Puzzling out Princess Elizabeth Tudor’s Life as a Teen

24 July 2023

There are a number of puzzling facts about teen Elizabeth Tudor’s relationship with her charismatic stepfather Sir Thomas Seymour. In his second year as Elizabeth’s new stepfather,...

Now: where was I?

7 February 2022

For a lock-it-down quiet pandemic life, my husband and I have been moving around quite a bit. In November, we closed down our rural house in Ontario in anticipation of going to San...

For Research Nerds: clipping information and making it OCR searchable

21 November 2021

When I’m researching and I see a bit of text relevant to my WIP (either online or on Kindle), I will clip it: shift-command-4 and “pull” rectangle around the text I want. It’s...

Figuring out what works

3 May 2021

I’ve come to understand that if I don’t spend at least some time early morning with my WIP (with mug of coffee), it’s quite likely not to happen at all that day.  I...