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The Invention of DiscoveryPart 1: Travel and Discovery in Antiquity

16 January 2014

“Lucy” [Note: This post is dedicated to my friend Jack Wright, Regents Professor of Geography at New Mexico State University, like Herodotus an inveterate traveler, like Pytheas...

Kepler and the Star of Bethlehem

24 December 2011

On the evening of the 17th of October 1604, as the clouds finally lifted over the city of Prague to reveal a clear night sky, the German astronomer Johannes Kepler observed a new star...

Renaissance Astrology and the Vagaries of Markets

27 November 2011

J. P. Morgan is supposed to have said, “Millionaires don’t use astrology; billionaires do.” Morgan would have known. He hired the best astrologer money could buy, the famous Evangeline...

Astrology and Prophecy in the Renaissance

20 November 2011

The biggest media event of the sixteenth century occurred in 1523-24, when scores of astrologers jumped onto a bandwagon of collective hysteria by proclaiming the imminent end of the...