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About Metadata in the Early Print corpus

26 September 2018

The EarlyPrint site contains linguistically annotated and partly corrected TCP texts in an environment that supports collaborative curation. For many practical purposes the ...

Hobbes and Maggie Haberman about Twitter

22 July 2018

Some years ago I read Joel Spolsky’s very funny description of Twitter in which he said: Although I appreciate that many people find Twitter to be valuable, I find it a truly...


5 July 2018

This is a report about an experiment with ~ 4,000  texts from the Text Creation Partnership ( TCP). It is more in the spirit of concept cars than production models.  There...

Fixing the Blackdot Words in the TCP corpus: a “mixed initiative” in Engineering English

19 June 2018

This is a report on a “mixed initiative”–a term of art in computer science–that  combines old-fashioned philological elbow grease with new-fangled long...