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22 November 2022

‘Crowner,’ Shakespeare’s word for ‘coroner’ appears in two plays, and on both occasions it is associated with death by drowning.  It appears in the discussion of the two...

“Fluent in Marlowe”: A decade of undergraduates as collaborative curators of Early Modern texts

22 November 2022

In a course on Early Modern Drama that I taught in 2009 I gave my students the option of doing editorial work  for some of their assignments. Two of themREAD MORE

Back to the Future or Wanted: A Decade of High-tech Lower Criticism

17 November 2022

Note:The title of this blog entry is the title of a keynote address I gave at the Chicago Digital Humanities and Computer Science Colloqium, held November 18-19 , 2012 at the University...

The Haven of Health: A report

30 September 2022

Below is a report about Cogan’s Haven of Health, a text that the authors collaboratively curated, reducing its more than 1,000 incompletely or incorrectly transcribed words to no...