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Engineering English: Machine-corrected TCP texts

15 November 2017

Engineering and English are alphabetical neighbours in a university list of disciplines, but the members of those disciplines tend to think of the other as on the other end of the disciplinary...

What is a digital combo?

25 April 2017

How should an old book live in the digital environment of the 21st century? My answer is “as a digital combo that brings together three data streams, each a surrogate that represents...

What is a digital combo?

25 April 2017

What should be the 21st century representation of each of the 60,000 texts that have been transported from the first two centuries of Anglophone print culture into an age with digital...

Whither TEI? The Next Thirty Years

20 September 2016

In the next fifty years the entirety of our inherited archive of cultural works will have to be re-edited within a network of digital storage, access, and dissemination (Jerome McGann,...