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Book Tour 2022 – coming soon!

22 July 2021

The post Book Tour 2022 – coming soon! appeared first on Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris.

“TITANIC SUNK: NO LIVES LOST” – The Original Fake News & The Morgue Ship Tasked with Recovering Bodies

1 October 2019

The day after the Titanic sank, newspapers around the world reported that all the passengers aboard had been saved. The World declared, “Titanic Sinking; No Lives Lost.”...

The Lost Art of Sin-Eating

13 September 2019

In 19th-century Britain, it was customary during a funeral to provide biscuits for mourners. They were often wrapped and sealed in black wax. Below, you see an example of a funeral...

Ten Medical Procedures From The Past

1 September 2019

For anyone who has ever uttered the words “the good old days,” this blog post is for you. Here are 10 MEDICAL PROCEDURES FROM THE PAST that will make you happy to be alive...