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A Scottish Photo Feast for St. Andrew’s Day

30 November 2023

I’m just returned from a long trip to Scotland, during which I took hundreds of photographs, and today marks the feast of the Scottish patron Saint Andrews, so that’s the post!...

Before, During and After the Revolution

15 November 2023

I have been thinking about Salem during the American Revolution quite a bit over the past few months. It’s yet another era in Salem’s history which is tragically under-represented,...

Salem’s Bêche-de-mer Boom

8 November 2023

Back in Salem until I take off for Scotland at the end of next week. I’ve got lots of teaching, writing, and organizing to do, but I ignored all of my obligations last weekend and...

Salem in the Press, 2023 Halloween Edition

1 November 2023

Since I’ve been living outside of Salem for the past month, only coming in for classes and shooting right back to Maine on my (not-so) secret routes, I followed the press coverage...