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A Trumpet of Sedition

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Niall Ferguson: A Walking Provocation

5 June 2018

The fact that the right-wing Professor Niall Ferguson has been caught leading a campaign to attack a left-wing student he disagreed with should come as no surprise.Ferguson has a record...

The Journey towards Fresh Perspectives: A Personal Reflection on Historical Writing-Dr Kirsteen M MacKenzie

30 May 2018

I first of all must thank Keith for the very kind invitation to contribute to his blog.  My original idea was to write a defence of the three Stuart kingdoms, essentially assessing...

Why I Write? How I Write? Edited by Keith Livesey

18 May 2018

(The collection of blog articles titled How I write is now published as an ebook on Amazon Reasonably priced at $0.99)I would like to say that the idea for this collection of articles...

Why I Write and How I Write Jodie Collins

14 May 2018

Up until the age of 19 I was quite certain that I was not a writer, let alone a historian. Despite the fact I had such an interest in politics and history, I found writing an excruciating...