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Love, Janessa (BBC World Service) | BBC Sounds

14 March 2023

 Love, Janessa is a BBC World Service and the CBC seven-part podcast investigating probably the biggest romance scam ever. At its height, over 100,000 people were being scammed out...

Sweetheart Scams: Online Dating's Billion-Dollar Swindle- by Clarence Jones Paperback – Oct. 15

11 March 2023

This is useful if a limited, guide to the massive growth of "romance scams". They say love is blind, and scammers are cashing in on people's stupidity and gullibility. According to...

Insolent proceedings-Rethinking public politics in the English Revolution-Editors: Peter Lake and Jason Peacey-Manchester University Press

7 March 2023

 "The third part of Gangræna. Or, A new and higher discovery of the errors, heresies, blasphemies, and insolent proceedings of the sectaries of these times; with some animadversions...

Terminal Boredom: Stories, Izumi Suzuki, Polly Barton (trans), Sam Bett (trans), David Boyd (trans), Daniel Joseph (trans) (Verso, April 2021)

26 February 2023

" Men loom large in many of Suzuki's stories as a potential threat. "Women and Women" is the most extreme example. Men once ruled society "through violence and cunning" but are now...