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A Trumpet of Sedition

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Lenin, Machiavelli and History Today Magazine

16 October 2018

“Some medieval courts not only condemned their worst opponents to death, but they also prescribed a series of extremely cruel and bloody forms of execution to be carried out one...

Empire and Revolution: a socialist history of the First World War, Dave Sherry, Bookmarks. £7.99)

14 October 2018

"In a strike, I am for my class, right or wrong; in a war, I am for my country, right or wrong". Ben Tillet, union leader“You may not be interested in war, but war is interested...

Correspondence on David Starkey

12 October 2018

From Sean LangThis isn't really good enough. Starkey's point about life experience informing history is a valid one for debate, but this piece moves on from it into an attack on his...

Review : Witchcraft: Suzannah Lipscomb A Ladybird Expert Book

10 October 2018

The most striking aspect of this book is why a celebrated historian and broadcaster would write such a book. It is true that Lipscomb is a leading light and outstanding communicator...