The Early Modern Commons


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Resource: John Howard’s The State of the Prisons

21 September 2020

The first comprehensive account of the prison system in England and Wales was John Howard’s “The State of the Prisons”, published in 1777. It went through four editions...

Resource: Cobbett’s Parliamentary History

8 October 2019

As with many records I’ve been using to discover debtors both imprisoned and escaping, parliamentary debates both constitute elite discourse and preserve plebian traces. Imprisonment...

Resource: Journals of the House of Lords

20 November 2018

As a follow up to my previous post on the Journals of the House of Commons, a list of freely available volumes of its companion,  the Journals of the House of Lords. Truth be told,...

Resource: Journals of the House of Commons

19 November 2018

William Blake said, “Nothing can be more contemptible than to suppose Public RECORDS to be True.” And I am bemused that I spend so much time sorting out ‘high’...