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Monday Madwoman: Zanche

30 July 2012

Gasparo. Thou art my task, black fury.Zanche. I have bloodAs red as either of theirs: wilt drink some?'Tis good for the falling-sickness. I am proud:Death cannot alter my complexion,For...

Duchess of Malfi - Architecture

26 July 2012

Liane Lefaivre describes “the single most extraordinary feature” of the medieval Hypnerotomachia Poliphili as “the series of buildings and gardens that the hero keeps encountering...

A.C. Swinburne - Virtue and Vice

24 July 2012

I discovered Swinburne's criticism years ago in St. Anne's college library, and it added to my admiration for his poetry (check out Edith Sitwell's collection, if you haven't already)....

Not a Warrior Princess

19 July 2012

With all the "warrior princesses" lately -- Brave, The Hunger Games, Snow White and the Huntsman, Game of Thrones, Laurell K. Hamilton's groundbreaking Anita Blake, and Joss...