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Make me a cup of coffee – instantly!

25 November 2023

I recently gave a talk on board the lovely ship Sirena, on the history of coffee. Part of the research for it took me off at a tangent into the history of instant coffee, and I was ...

A load of hot air? No, the anniversary of the first manned flight in a balloon, 21 November 1783.

21 November 2023

Jacques-Étienne_Montgolfier Joseph Montgolfier The history of early ballooning neither began nor ended with the  first manned flight in a hot-air balloon, designed by the Montgolfier...

Christopher Pinchbeck, a much-maligned jeweller and clock maker, died this day 1732.

18 November 2023

pinch-beck       noun    1. An alloy of zinc and copper used as imitation gold.     2. A cheap imitation.                          adjective   1....

Visit to the newly opened British Museum on 11 October 176

11 October 2023

Writing in 1760 my ancestor Richard Hall records in his diary: “October 8 – went with Mr Crouch to see the British Musæum”, He would have been amongst the very first visitors...