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A blog in advance of 24 April – marking the death of Daniel Defoe

19 April 2019

Next week  we will be celebrating the 300th anniversary of the publication of Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe’s masterpiece. To mark the occasion I have a new book coming out...

Let’s hear it for Isaac Swainson, purveyor of that excellent tincture Velno’s Vegetable Syrup!

14 April 2019

One of my all-time favourite Gillray caricatures is the excoriating image of the Prince Regent, bearing the title of ‘A voluptuary under the horrors of Digestion’. It is,...

11th April 1758: A repeat visit to the fire at London Bridge

11 April 2019

In 1758 Richard Hall was living in the area of Southwark called the Bridgefoot when London Corporation decided “to do something” about London Bridge. Until 1749 it...

Draughts, checkers, call it what you will – a simple game, good for relaxation

6 April 2019

In 1756 William Payne published a book called  ‘An Introduction to the Game of Draughts’ – with  a dedication to the Earl of Rochford written by no less...