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Reproduction poterie at its best

27 April 2016

Reproduction poterie at its best.Inspiration et reproduction de poteries historiques

Omelette au Jambon - Omelette with Ham

17 February 2015

Take your eggs with a small spoon of sauce and minced ham [I use turkey ham]; mix and make your omelette; strew with bits of ham, fold and serve on plate with a coulis of minced ham.Omelette...

Omelettes en Canapé - Onion Omelettes

16 February 2015

Slice onions and fry in butter until carmelized, add two egg yolks and a little chopped parsley; make two small omelettes without salt, spread the onions over the omelettes and top...

Omelette à la Crême de Riz - Omelette with Cream & Rice Flour

15 February 2015

Mix two spoonsful of rice flour, with three eggs, a little salt, a quarter pound of sugar, a quarter pound of good butter, and a pint of cream: boil until as thick as Franchipane cream:...