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Carvalhal & dos Guimarães Sá, “Knightly Masculinity” in Gender & History, July 2016

20 February 2018

Hélder Carvalhal and Isabel dos Gusmarães Sá, “Knightly Masculinity, Court Games and Material Culture in Late-medieval Portugal: The Case of Constable Afonso...

Reviews in the JWH, Dec 2017

16 February 2018

Journal of World History 28/3-4 (2017): Heather R. Peterson reviews Nancy van Deusen, Global Indios: The Indigenous Struggle for Justice in Sixteenth-Century Spain (Duke, 2015). Susan...

Burke, Clossey, & Fernández-Armesto, “The Global Renaissance” in JWH, March 2017

15 February 2018

Journal of World History 28/1 (2017): Peter Burke, Luke Clossey, & Felipe Fernández-Armesto, “The Global Renaissance.”

Coates Reviews Laband in the JMiH, July 2017

14 February 2018

Journal of Military History 81/3 (2017): Timothy J. Coates reviews John Laband, Bringers of War: The Portuguese in Africa during the Age of Gunpowder and Sail, from the Fifteenth to...