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Karine van der Beek op de Industriële Revolutie

2 January 2013

Filed under: Economic History Tagged: human capital, industrial revolution, innovation

What my credit can do in (medieval) Venice

2 January 2013

 Mueller, Reinhold C. (1987) I banchi locali a Venezia nel Tardo Medioevo. Studi Storici, 28/1: 145-55. There is a lot to be admired in Austrian economists, their resilience, their...

Lest we forget life

11 November 2012

As the Brits celebrate the young men how have fallen for the crown, numerous touching stories are told in the papers. This one by Caroline Green in The Telegraph caught my eye. All...

Separating property and housing market

24 September 2012

In The Spectator, the ever-brilliant Rory Sutherland uses a 19th-century Barbados example to make an excellent economic point: If the all-party Parliamentary Housing Sub-Committee were...