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On Misogyny, ancient and modern

24 November 2017

Mary Beard’s Women and Power is one of those books that will make you shout: “Yes, she’s so right!” – “Very well put!” – “So glad...

Meeting Jacob Boehme in Dresden

21 October 2017

Pieter van Gunst, Bildnis Jacob Böhme, 1686/1715, engraving, Kupferstich-Kabinett © SKD I had a few days off work and went on a spontaneous trip to Dresden for some...

Continental Breakfast

10 September 2017

What the Brits think Continental Breakfast is. Nothing illustrates the British disdain for Europe like the concept of Continental Breakfast. I have been staying at a mid-ranking London...

Democracy and Anti-Democracy in Early Modern England 1603-1689

29 June 2017

John Milton did not like the ‘rabble’. A historiographical consensus asserts that in the early modern period democracy was reputed to be the worst form of government. However,...