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WS: ‘Translating English republicanism in the European Enlightenment’

25 February 2023

22 June 2023, Newcastle University, Armstrong Building ARMB 1.06 This workshop addresses the significance of translation for the dissemination of English republican ideas in...

Are Zoom conferences making academia more exclusive?

11 January 2023

The fashion for Zoom meetings in academia might have started out of necessity during the coronavirus pandemic, but the little video tiles on our laptop screens are likely here to stay....

The Other Black Girl and the Power of Hair

15 December 2022

Nella works at Wagner in New York. But life in the publishing world is not easy for a young black woman, especially as the only black person in the office. So Nella is excited when...

Remembering the Holodomor

23 September 2022

The cover of Erin Litteken’s Memory Keeper of Kyiv. Erin Litteken tells the story of four generations of women of an American family. At the centre of the story is Cassie, the young...