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NLP for Literary Critics: An Introduction and Tutorial

20 June 2018

Preface: Knowledge and Information Shall I compare thee, human, to a machine? Thou art more critical and more intemperate (Shakespeare, Sonnet 18). But seriously: how do human readers...

The Roald Not Taken: Teaching the Short Stories

25 April 2018

I’ve just finished teaching 58 first-year students the adult short stories of Roald Dahl, the 20th-century English writer better known for children’s books. (Here’s...

Teaching with YouTube

10 April 2018

Apparently I’m in the 20% of YouTube’s 1.3 billion users who don’t watch it regularly. But I am among the 50 million who upload content to it. Since 2010 I’ve...

Text Accordians

16 February 2018

I write, with my keyboard, all day. Every day. E-mails, lecture notes, grant applications, status updates, first drafts, second drafts, slideshow bullets, blog posts. To paraphrase...