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Text-Analysis Unconference: Treating Texts as Data

2 April 2019

SAVE THE DATE for this upcoming event at the University of Calgary’s Taylor Family Digital Library: April 15, 2019, 9am-12noon If texts – from survey transcripts to...

The Virtues of VHS

21 March 2019

I remember the day in the early 1980s when my father unboxed our family’s first VHS player: a wood-grained Panasonic Omnivision with a top-loading tape bay that was like...

Iter at 20: A Look Forward

16 March 2019

This is (or will be, imminently) the text of my paper delivered at a New Technologies in Renaissance Studies panel at the 2019 Renaissance Society of America meeting in Toronto. Until...

John Donne and the Sonnet Problem

26 January 2019

What makes a sonnet? For most early modern examples, the answer is clear: a 14-line rhyming poem, its form either Shakespearean (three quatrains and a couplet) or Petrarchan (an octave...