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Text Accordians

16 February 2018

I write, with my keyboard, all day. Every day. E-mails, lecture notes, grant applications, status updates, first drafts, second drafts, slideshow bullets, blog posts. To paraphrase...

Roald Dahl’s Stories for Adults

27 December 2017

“I’ll bet you think you know this story. You don’t. The real one’s much more gory.” Roald Dahl wrote this about the tale of Cinderella in Revolting Rhymes,...

TEI for Close-Readings

11 November 2017

Varieties of Chiasmus in 68 Plays

21 October 2017

This is the paper I delivered at the Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society meeting in Portland, Oregon on 21 October 2017. You can download the slideshow in PDF here.