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Vainio on Deification

9 December 2021

Olli-Pekka Vainio continues the Finnish interest on Luther and deification. See his abstract above and the full article at In the most general terms,...

Ruokanen on The Bondage of the Will

14 October 2021

Professor Emeritus of Dogmatics, Miikka Ruokanen has published the results of his studies on the Bondage of the Will in his monograph Trinitarian Grace in Martin Luther’s the Bondage...

Sini Mikkola on Luther, Gender and Bodiliness

22 November 2017

A new perspective on Luther’s antropology will be opened, as Sini Mikkola defends a doctoral thesis ‘In Our Body the Scripture Becomes Fulfilled’ : Gendered Bodiliness...

Updates in the bibliography

22 August 2017

Risto Saarinen has updated his extensive bibliography on Finnish Luther studies. This may be the last update for reasons noted in the blog: I do not have plans to follow...