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Heckling Privilege: What Austen’s Emma Can Teach Us About the Politics of Joking

25 October 2014

Miss Bates reacts to a joke told at her expense. The interwebs have been set twittering about, well, another tweet: Madeleine Albright’s quick-fire response to Conan O’Brien’s...

Domestic Violence in the Past and Present: The Life of Elizabeth Ashbridge

30 September 2014

Today marks the first post after a long break. It is also the day before October, which is both National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Awareness Against Domestic Violence...

#CancelSwift: On Satire, Infamous Scribbling Women, and (Not So) Recent Politics

2 April 2014

  This post does not necessarily pertain to eighteenth-century scribbling women, but rather to a more recent one: Suey Park. It relates as well to Stephen Colbert and Jonathan...

Speak Freely: Remembering Maria W. Stewart

27 February 2014

I have often heard the sentiment that times of historical, cultural, and social recognition, such as African American History Month, are unnecessary. While I wish we lived in a world...