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Conversion Narratives in Early Modern Europe

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Conversion Narratives – So What?

9 May 2014

Our project, Conversion Narratives in Early Modern Europe, officially came to an end on 31st August 2013, though events, publications and ideas are still emerging, and carrying us forward...

Narrative Conversions: a Workshop

9 May 2014

On 2nd and 3rd June, we will be hosting a workshop on the theme of Narrative Conversions, organised in collaboration with the Early Modern Conversions project. We’ll be led in...

Tattoos II

6 September 2013

  Following on from a post on holiday tattoos in Jerusalem I’ve come across an interesting reference to tattoos and conversion in Nabil Matar’s article ‘‘Turning...

‘Converted to a cat’

8 August 2013

The most famous apocyrphal cat of the Renaissance?**Petrarch’s mummified cat at Casa del Petrarca. In honour of World Cat Day, I did a quick search on the fabulous Early English...