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Antoine Le Grand, Robert Boyle and Speculative Philosophy

16 June 2020

Peter Anstey writes… Antoine Le Grand (1629–1699) was probably the most important Cartesian philosopher living in England in the latter decades of the seventeenth century....

Nicolas Malebranche: Critic of Experimental Philosophy

25 March 2020

Peter Anstey writes … There were many critics of experimental philosophy in its early years. On this blog we have discussed the criticisms of Margaret Cavendish and Francis Bampfield,...

A New Volume on Early Modern Experimental Philosophy

27 March 2019

Alberto Vanzo and Peter Anstey are pleased to announce the publication of Experiment, Speculation and Religion in Early Modern Philosophy, New York: Routledge, 2019. This is the first...

The Darker Side of Baconianism

5 December 2018

Kirsten Walsh writes… In my last post, I explained how Newton’s theory of the tides relied on empirical data drawn from all over the world. The Royal Society used its influence...