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Locke’s Experimental Philosophy of Ideas

13 May 2018

A guest post by Kenny Pearce. Kenny Pearce writes … It is by now well-known that Locke intentionally sets his Essay in the context of Baconian natural history, the project of...

Locke Studies goes online

2 April 2018

Locke Studies makes Vols 14–16 freely accessible online We are pleased to announce that Vols 8, 9 and 14–16 of Locke Studies are now freely available on the Locke Studies...

Workshop: Definitions in Early Modern Natural Philosophy, Logic and Mathematics

5 March 2018

Workshop: Definitions in Early Modern Natural Philosophy, Logic and Mathematics 13 April 2018 SOPHI Common Room, Level 8, Brennan MacCallum Building, A18 The University of Sydney...

‘To treat of God from Phenomena’

6 December 2017

Kirsten Walsh writes… In my last few posts, I’ve discussed some of the lesser-known aspects of Newton’s work. In my first post on this topic, I talked generally about...