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Digitising the York Cause Papers

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Project draws to an end

1 September 2011

We now come to the end of the Cause Paper Project blog – at least as far as blogging about project progress. The Cause Papers have been imaged, the main series 1500-1799 have...

Cause Paper Colloquium

30 August 2011

The Cause Paper Colloquium brought together representatives from ten archives who hold church court records from various of the historic diocese of England, along with historians who...

Sharing Outputs

25 July 2011

On 27 July we will be joined by representatives from a number of archives holding related archive material for a colloquium ‘Cause Papers Unwrapped’. The day will be opened...

Putting it all together

21 July 2011

As we get into the final days of the project things are coming together. All the imaging specified in the project has been completed – although how much of the content will be...