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15 April 2019

Digital Medieval Literature and Culture: A Routledge Handbook (Co-editor Helen J.Burgess)  (London: Routledge Press) (paperback and hardback, 2018) --available now as an e-book!...

CFP: Routledge Handbook of Digital Medieval Literature: “Current Conversations in the Field”

20 February 2017

The Routledge Handbook of Digital Medieval Literature and Culture (eds. Jen Boyle and Helen Burgess, May 2017) is including a component to the volume that features shorter to medium...

Links to projects, Coastal Carolina University, Dr. Jen Boyle

29 August 2016

 Jen Boyle, Observations Upon a Blazing World: Margaret Cavendish and Mediated Form (with digital designer, Alli Crandell), digital edition and installation from The Virtual Sovereign ...

Digital Culture and Design and Edwards College

19 August 2016

Edwards Overview  New Digital Culture and Design major overview