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Migration and the Public Sphere Before Telegraphy

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Newspaper Dissector

24 April 2018

A Windows-Python programme for categorising and visualising newspaper pages based on topic, word count and source. Based upon code built at the Software Sustainability Institute’s...

Turnbull Names Edges & Nodes

24 April 2018

A OS-agnostic tool for converting the Turnbull Names Database (EAC-CPF XML) into edges and nodes for creating social network diagrams. Software: MIT License (2018) M. H. BealsInstructions:...

Fake News? Mapping the Pages of Nineteenth-Century Newspapers

22 April 2018

Public Talk: Part of Digital Newspaper Month, in conjunction with Victoria University of Wellington and the National Library of New Zealand Date: 3 May 2018, 17:30 (5:30pm) Location:...

Date Distance Calculator

22 April 2018

A Windows tool for calculating the distance between two dates (inclusive and exclusive) between 1 January 1155 and the present day, according to English reckoning. MIT License Copyright...