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That's So Raven!

15 August 2012

Some people watch football, some people go to church, some people go to church and watch football. I go to academic conferences. I probably go to too many conferences. I should just...

Dark December, Bright January

9 January 2012

As of January 3, I have finished coursework and I'm on to preparation for qualifying exams. Since I'm working with a wide range of material, I would like to use this space as a lab...

The Invention of the Nonhuman

12 September 2011

My officemate and I are finishing up coursework this semester and we both figured we'd like to do something that would prep us for our exams in the spring. During my time at Maryland...

6 months until exams

10 August 2011

“Why sholdestow my realtee oppresse? / The see may ebbe and flowen more or less; / The welkne hath might to shyne, reyne, or hayle; / Right so mot I kythen my brotelnesse. / In general,...