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Empress Alexandra is out!

30 June 2020

My new book, which takes a look at the fascinating relationship between Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia and her grandmother, Queen Victoria is out now in the UK and elsewhere...

Marie Antoinette’s gazette

22 June 2020

Marie Antoinette’s 1782 ‘gazette’, which contained fabric samples from all of her dresses and which was used to keep a record of her clothes and possibly help the...

Madame Élisabeth’s ‘gazette’

22 June 2020

It’s so amazing that Madame Élisabeth’s ‘gazette’ that she used to select clothes in the summer of 1792 still exists. Madame Élisabeth would use...

Madame Élisabeth by Charles Le Clercq

16 May 2020

I’m currently working on my upcoming biography of Madame Élisabeth, youngest sister of Louis XVI, who was guillotined in Paris in May 1794. This book is a major labour...