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Fashion Rules: Restyled

18 February 2016

A trip to beautiful Kensington Palace is always a massive high point of the year for me as I love visiting it so much. It’s just such a beautiful old building and so full of...

Samuel Pepys: Plague, Fire, Revolution

17 February 2016

First of all, I am going to apologise for being so quiet over the past few months. As I’ve mentioned on here a few times, I suffer from severe depression and anxiety which have...

The Crime Museum Uncovered

21 October 2015

The opening of the new Museum of London exhibition every October is one of the high points of my year as they always have amazingly imaginative displays that showcase different aspects...

The Crucible, Bristol Old Vic

16 October 2015

Although it was no doubt the bane of many other students’ lives, I remember absolutely loving Arthur Miller’s The Crucible as a teenager and read my copy several times over....