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Summer Retrospective: Uncut, unopened, untrimmed, uh-oh

13 August 2019

It seems fitting that with last week’s retrospective post being all about paper, this week we should turn to the age-old question: just what do you call it when a book still has...

Launching Global Environmental History: Dr. Thomas Short on Air and Diseases in 1749

8 August 2019

A guest post by Ruma Chopra It took the English doctor Thomas Short eighteen years to publish his nearly 1000-page assessment of the relationship between climates and diseases. Published...

Summer Retrospective: All About Paper

6 August 2019

One of the most important physical aspects of our collection is the very paper on which the books, manuscripts, and drawings were created. Unsurprisingly, we’ve had quite a few...

Postcards in the Folger Archives: The 1879 Hyde Prize in Oratory at Amherst College

1 August 2019

A guest post by Stephen Grant My first descent into the underground vault took place in 2007 during a short-term Folger fellowship. Since a Summer Retrospective is the order of the...