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Polyglot Poetics: Transnational Early Modern Literature

16 February 2018

A guest post by Dr. Nigel Smith I am writing a transnational history of early modern European literature. Our inherited history of the different early modern vernacular languages and...

Was early modern writing paper expensive?

13 February 2018

Many of us have repeated the assertion that writing paper in early modern England was expensive and scarce, but it has always bothered me. After hearing this fairly regularly in response...

Announcing a New Folger-NACBS Short-Term Fellowship

9 February 2018

The Folger Institute and the North American Conference on British Studies (NACBS) are delighted to announce a new fellowship for scholars of the British world who are working on topics...

The Shakespeare stamps

6 February 2018

As several philatelically-astute readers quickly identified, the portrait of Shakespeare shown in last week’s Crocodile mystery is from a stamp!     These one shilling...